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The History Of Hemp and CBD

Throughout history, hemp has been used in many ways by many different cultures around the world. This unique plant has many potential applications, and for thousands of years, people have been using it to better their lives.

Hemp Origins And Historic Uses

Hemp has been cultivated by humans for thousands of years, with this versatile plant being essential to many early humans. Its fibers have been used for everything from rope, to clothing, to paper and more. In fact, in some parts of the world throughout history, it was even illegal to not grow hemp as part of your farm. 

Hemp plants and plant fibers have found even greater use in today’s world, as modern technologies have allowed these plants to be used in an even greater number of applications. Hemp is now used in everything from building materials like hempcrete to biofuels. However, one of the most popular modern uses for hemp is in the creation of CBD and hemp oil products.

CBD And Hemp Oil Benefits

CBD, in recent years, has become an incredibly popular addition to many people’s supplements and daily care. CBD is a natural chemical component of hemp plants with a variety of health benefits. It has been shown to help with everything from anxiety to epilepsy to chronic pain, and can be an excellent natural option for helping manage many conditions. 

CBD, otherwise known as cannabidiol, is non-psychoactive, making it a great choice for addressing many health needs. CBD can be extracted from hemp through a variety of means, with some of the most popular options being hemp oil and other hemp infused products, such as salves, supplements, and more. Products like our hemp oil can provide you with the many benefits of CBD quickly and easily, giving you access to the many healing properties of the versatile hemp plant. Health of Hemp’s CBD and hemp oil products are here to help you manage your health with the versatile, natural hemp plant.